Chris Daw

Student, WWU

I am originally from Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Currently, I am a computer science and music student at Western Washington University. I also participate in the WWU CS Mentors program tutoring students through pre-major class assignments.

If you would like a less colorful representation of this page, you can download my resume:

Work Experience



Photography and Birding

In 2014 I got a DSLR camera and immediately started taking pictures. A little later, my girlfriend got me started with bird watching (lovingly referred to as birding). These two hobbies mix very well together as is shown by many of the pictures on my flickr. The quick, mobile nature of the subjects make it challinging yet very rewarding.
If you are have an ebird account and are interested in my checklists, here is a link to my ebird profile.


I have always enjoyed making neat, tangible things. Pictured here are an LED sign I made the summer before my freshman year at WWU and a question mark block from Mario that I made for a show at the Palo Alto Children's Theater.

Since elementary school I have had a fascination for yo-yos and puzzles like rubik's cubes. I have a collection of about a dozen of each. Here is a youtube video I made for a contest entry on Reddit with a few yo-yo tricks.